Below Zero - Lily Pad Islands

Level design work on Lily Pad Islads, a huge garden zone in Below Zero that provides an important shift in theme from the arctic or geothermal zones that make up many other areas of the game, its key concept being floating rocky "islands" held up by giant buoyant lily pads. I took on this biome at the start of development, working on blocking it out as well as developing concept and visual themes, and the first detail pass. I especially focused on what the life cycle of a biome like this might be like, using that to work with concept artists on the visual design. I later returned to do another detail pass on the sea floor areas. Oli Hobbs also did a lot of work on this biome, especially on the islands themselves and the cave systems underneath.

Subnautica Below Zero is an open world survival exploration game set after the events of the first Subnautica game. As a new character, learn more about the world and its previous inhabitants in a freezing Arctic environment.