Below Zero- Purple Vents

Level design work on Below Zero's Purple Vents biome, a volcanic area where large pink/purple flames dominate the landscape. My main responsibility here was detailing; a lot of good work had already been done on the biome, but it needed extensive updating in order to incorporate a lot of new environment art, adjustments to the overall shape of the open world, and new story goals. My job was to follow on from my colleague Oli Hobbs' great work, and rework the biome to meet new requirements.

Below Zero - Deep Purple Vents

Level design work on Below Zero's Deep Purple Vents biome. We had a block-out of a cave system, and an idea that we wanted to carry on with the Purple Vents theme, but not much more to work with. I had a lot of fun with this area, working out how the Purple Vents concept might translate to a huge cave.

Subnautica Below Zero is an open world survival exploration game set after the events of the first Subnautica game. As a new character, learn more about the world and its previous inhabitants in a freezing Arctic environment.